VideoChamp Sports is a powerful all-in-one video solution in The Cloud for teams, coaches, players, and parents. From game analysis…..to video sharing, we’ve got it covered! Coaches can quickly edit & tag video, do game analysis, and send video footage & notes to the team for training. Players and parents can easily create highlights, make college recruiting videos, and share footage with family & friends instantly.

VideoChamp Sports was born from the idea that a video system should be affordable, effective, and most of all….simple to use. We believe that teams of all levels should be able to afford a state-of-the-art video and team management solution in The Cloud. No matter whether it is highlights videos, game analysis, sharing video footage, recruiting videos, training & development, or even keepsake…..VideoChamp Sports is where it’s at.

Instantly share cool plays & highlights with family and friends! Also great for player training and development.

Coaches – great for game analysis, video editing & tagging, scouting, and player training.

Players & Parents – great for creating highlight videos, college recruiting, and sharing.

Easily edit videos, break-down footage for game analysis, tag plays, and share with players or staff instantly. Do it all from one central location in VideoChamp!



Track & Field








Baseball & Softball



Ice Hockey

Swimming & Diving

Develop. Train. Win.


That’s right, no credit card needed and no “fine print” either! See for yourself how VideoChamp can benefit your team and players.

Hard Work


You shouldn't have to spend hours in “training sessions” or getting “certified” on how to use a video system.
It should just be SIMPLE…welcome to VideoChamp Sports!

Edit Videos & Create Highlights

In just 3-easy steps create highlight videos instantly with our custom video editor. You can add desired video effects, music, write text & tele-strate video, and much more! Create a professional quality highlight video in minutes.

Video Voice-Over

Easily add your voice directly into your video. In addition to typing your coaching notes in the video, now you have the option to provide feedback & direction verbally as well. Save time and increase effectiveness….a true win-win!

Game Analysis

Instantly break-down video footage in a matter of seconds and add your coaching points directly into the video. This includes: tagging clips, voice over, writing notes on video, highlight plays (circles, arrows, lines, etc), and much more!

Video Storage in The Cloud

Manage and store all of your video footage and team information in one central location online. Now, when one person shoots video, it can be instantly shared with everyone else on the team.

Recruiting: College Coaches Directory

Need a college coach’s email address or phone number? We’ve got you covered. You’ll have full access to our complete directory of contact information for NCAA and NAIA collegiate programs.

Game Film Exchange – With Anyone

Exchange video with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Best of all, other teams do not need to have a VideoChamp account for you to trade video with them. Trade Freely….Trade Often!

Share Video

Instantly email footage and share videos directly from the system to anyone with an email address. You can also include multiple recipients on email messages…..great for streamlining group and team communication!

Group Training/Team Communication

Let’s get social! Easily form groups and distribution lists in your Address Book for 1-click sending. Instantly email last night’s practice, today’s game, or any other video footage to your players, parents, coaches, and any other groups you form.

Real Time Analytics

The power of knowing! Receive instant date & time stamp notifications when sent videos are watched, and when the email is opened by the recipient. People receiving videos can watch footage instantly. Recipients never have to log in to any system to watch video footage.

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